Keep it clean

Well who is enjoying our summer? So much going on that’s it is difficult to find time in the day and those lazy days of the 70’s & 80’s seem a long way off. The wonderful Americas Cup came to our waters and whether you’re a nautical type or not, the sheer speed and composition of those things they call boats made for spectacular viewing and brought a buzz to both sides of the harbour. Another feather in Sir Ben Ainsley’s cap.

As ive run or cycled around our lovely town however, I can’t help but be disappointed in the shear volume of litter in our streets, parks and on our beaches. Whatever happened to having pride in your home? It’s not difficult to find a bin or take your rubbish with you and it certainly isn’t ‘someone else’s’ job. It seems that I’ve found a new part time role as litter picker as I run from A to B. It’s difficult these days to challenge any form of anti social behaviour but we can all do our bit.

If you’re struggling to find the get up and go to start exercising, we may have the answer for you in our new Thursday night class here at AR. Let me introduce Michelle:
My name is Michelle Yates and I am the founder of Ultra Courage Personal Training.

Ultra Courage PT provides bespoken training as part of an individualised lifestyle plan. Working towards your goal is a journey and one that we are excited to support you on.

One of the many aspects of exercise that has changed my life is realising the importance of varying your training. This is something I would like to share with you.

Whatever sport you participate in, it can be strengthened by other exercise. This is something that took me a long time to realise after lots of distance running.

What is your sport? Living in the beautiful south do you go sailing? Whether you compete or are part of a team core strength and coordination are key.

Do you prefer to run or cycle? Would you feel better if you didn’t get so tight and were able to recover quickly ready for your next session?

If you do not regularly participate in sport would you like to try something new that’s a little different and has proven health benefits?

I run a kettlebell class at Absolute Running every Thursday evening at 18:30.
Kettlebells are described as the ultimate training tool, they provide a highly effective, adaptable and dynamic approach for total body conditioning. They improve cardiovascular fitness, increase flexibility and core strength and can be used for generic strength training and endurance. It is also a great way to burn more fat!

Every session is different; it might include a new exercise or a different way of training. There is something for all of you so come and join in. First session is free!

You really can do anything you put your mind to.

For more information please visit: or

So, there you go. Lots of positive stuff going on in your town and we’re always here to help if we possibly can.

You know what to do #FTS Follow the shoe…


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